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Get to know your Venus on so many levels as we deeply explore your Venus Archetype.

In this service you will find out how to fully activate your magnetism power according to your Venus. You will discover all the components that make up your Venus quality and how you can capitalize on these traits and use them to attract abundance of money & resources and harmonious relationships as well as fulfilling partnerships.


We will cover the following in this reading 


  • What your Venus sign says about you 

  • Your Venus house and how it affects your magnetic power 

  • Aspects your Venus is making to other planets

  • The signs that occupy your 2nd & 7th house 

  • The houses that Taurus and Libra occupy and how your Venus affects those areas 

  • Your Venus phase which tells what part of the Venus cycle you born into 


All this info is meant to help you understand how to access and activate your Venusian archetype so you can live in your magnetism.


Venus is about more than just beauty and relationships Venus represents our quality of life and what we value in every aspect.


Find out your unique venus power so that you can start living a high quality and luxurious life.


*All recorded services can take up to 15 days from date of purchase to complete and sent to your email.

You will receive a questionnair form within 48 to 72 hours of purchase.


Thank you for choosing Eternal Rulers.

Venusian Archetypes Appraisal | Your Magnetic Type

$96.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
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