Discover and connect with your feminine lane with the Sacred Feminine Path and Power Psychic Reading. In this reading you will find out your feminine purpose, your unique path, what feminine powers you have and more.


The following topics will be explored in this reading


  •  Your personal feminine energy type
  • What type of feminine powers you possess (Love, Beauty, Wisdom, Sex, Healing, Transformation ect).
  • The feminine path that is right for you (The Goddess, The Empress, The Queen, The Priestess, The Seductress, The Mother, The Teacher, The Divner, The Alchemist ect).
  • The feminine archetypes you imbody (If it applies)
  • Advantages & Barriers you may be facing at this moment.
  • What type of  career you may have in the Sacred Feminine Arts. 

Any other information that comes up will also be applide to this reading


This reading is design to assist you in exploring and owning your feminine being which in turn will help you navigate your life. 


For this psychic reading I will be using a combonation of tarot/oracle, starology (aka sidereal astrology) and my gift of divining, enlightenment and psychic discernment to unravel your feminine powers and the path that is a right for you.   


The Sacred Feminine Energy is all about co-creating and enhancing the quality of life

"I have come so you can live life in abundance, to the fullest and in overflow"


The divine insight you receive from this reading will completely transform your life and can be applied to all areas of your life, as you explore your feminine path and discover your own unique feminine power


* I am very honest in my readings, so there may be thing that you may not want to hear, so make sure that you are ready to hear and receive the truth coming through in this reading.

​* This service is a Recorded Reading that will be sent to you via email.
*Please allow up to 14 days to receive your reading to your email.
​Thank you 

Sacred Feminine Path & Power Psychic Reading



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