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Have you ever wondered if you belong to royalty and type of royalty you're connected to?

For this special service we will take a deep look at the natal chart to see what type of royal positions you have. We will first at the position of your moon, the Moon rules The High Priestess and secred information. Then we will look to your Venus which rules The Empress and abundant feminine royalty. We'll also take a look at your Aries, Taurus and Aquairus energies; Aries is associated with The Emperor, Taurus rules The Hireophant which is The High Priest that has sacred esoteric knowledge, and Aquarius is your Star potential showing how you're known by the collective. In addition we will also look at a few asteroids within your chart such as Queen, King and Pallas, your Queen and King sign can reveal your royal archetype and Pallas is your Palace your royal domain.

With all this insightful information you will have the knowledge you need to step into your Divine Royalty.


*All recorded services can take up to 15 days from date of purchase to complete and sent to your email.

You will receive a questionnair form within 48 to 72 hours of purchase.


Thank you for choosing Eternal Rulers.

Royalty Line Reading

  • *This service is a recorded reading which will be sent to you via email