This unique service features learning how to transmute hard planetary aspects in your chart to your benefit that may be hindering you from making desired accomplishments in life. We'll also discuss getting accustom to giving orders to your planets so that they serve you for your benefit.

A lot of people believe they are under the influencen and rulership of their astrology chart and therefore struggle because of that mindset.

I am here to assist others in realizing their authority and influence over their planetary alignments by rewriting the kosmik subconscious program.


If you're ready to take dominion over planets and kosmik energies then get this reading, you will be so happy and tranformed by it. 


* Please keep in mind that this is a Recorded Reading which will be sent to You Via Email

* Please allow a maximum of 21 Days to Receive Your Reading.

Quantum Astro Chart Psychic Reading | Rewrite Your Kosmik Subconscious Program



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