Have you ever wondered to yourself why people who share the same astrological sign among their sun moon rising etc don't act the same? There's a reason why each sign divided into three segments of ten degrees out of thirty degrees, these are called decans or decanates which are sub-rulers or co-rulers of a zodiac sign.

In this astrological evaluation we will dive deep into your personality and character by analyzing your planetary decanates and how they are express within your life.

You will discover all your sign placements on a supper deep level and in a way that you would not receive from a regular astrology reading, decanates allows you to examine your sign trates by going beyond the general conceps of zodiac.

By looking at the planetary co-ruler of each sign you will see why general zodiac horoscopes you read online don't lineup with how you express your energies.


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Planetary Decanates Appraisal

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