In this reading I will using the tarot to decipher the energies between you and your partner . Some things that may come up in the reading is if the relationship is long-term or not, if there are other lovers involved and any blockages that may be between you and your partner within your relationship. This reading will provide you with clarity you in regards to the nature of your relationship and reveal the actions you need to take moving forward. Please note that I only speak what the Divine brings to mind as I look at each card in your reading. To give you insight and guidance that will help you and your relationship with your partner.

​* I am very honest in my readings, so there may be thing that you may not want to hear, so make sure that you are ready to hear and receive the truth coming through in this reading.
* This service is a Rerecorded Reading that will be sent to you via email.
*Please allow up to 14 days to receive your reading to your email.
Thank you 

Love & Relationship Psychic Reading