Numbers are a universal language around the world each number has
it's own vibration which are influential on a personal and global scale.
In this kosmik report I will be diving deep into each of your birth numbers
separately and as a whole as your life path and the planetary ruler for your
birth numbers, this includes your birth month number, birth day number,
birth year number and birth time number.
I also will be looking over the degree of each planet in your chart, and adding each planet degree
to a single digit 1-9, except for planets that are 0, 11 and 22 degrees within the 
chart. This is to determine which planet's number comes up the most and how
that plays a role in your life.
Kosmology and Numerology are companions of each other and knowing what
numbers and planets are playing major roles in your life, will transform your
life and help you with your soul mission.

Get your personal Kosmik Numerology Report today, you will be amazed at what
comes up in this report.

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Kosmik Numerology Outline