Eternal Rulers is pround to present Astrol Surgery

This is a unique service that I am so excited to finally offer on my site.

For this service I will be recreating your natal chart, I will be removing planetary aspect blockages such as squares and oppositions especially the ones from Mars and Saturn.

Also with this service I create new helpful aspects that will help you express your energies to the fullest so that way you can manifest the best outcomes and live your verson of a high vibrational life. This is also has a deep affect on your subconscious mind because with your new chart the dynamics will be different especially the more you refere to your new placements. So get your Astrol Surgery on today and create a whole new beneficial frequency for your life.


* Keep in mind that there is a possibility that planets need to be move to the next sign either before or after it's position in order to remove aspect blackages in your natal chart.


* I am really experience at this alchemical process and love breaking astrological barriers, with that being said you will receive a picture of your new astrology chart via email with your new aspects in place.


* This service takes 15-20 days to complete

* You will receive the results by email

Astro Chart Surgery