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*This is not your average birth chart reading and not be confused with an exoteric chart analysis. 


In this astrological evaluation we are taking a deep look at your natal chart from an esoteric and soul level. You will discover your esoteric planetary lords as well as your soul purpose beyond your north node and midheaven.

This astrological appraisal will reveal your true elevation path, talents, your soul archetype and why you really incarnated into this realm.


I have been studying Esoteric  a.k.a. Arcane Astology for well over three years  and it has changed my perspective on the science of astrology on a spiritual and mental level, and I am so glad to share this elevated perspective of astology with you. 


Book today and start living in your true soul purpose.


*All recorded services can take up to 15 days from date of purchase to complete and sent to your email.

You will receive a questionnair form within 48 to 72 hours of purchase.

Arcane Birth Chart (Esoteric) Appraisal

  • *This service is a recorded reading which will be sent to you via email

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